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Taiwanese Milk Oolong Tea

#TodaysTea: This Tea is best allowed to cool a little in the cup before drinking to allow its delightful mouthfeel to present itself and to allow the tea liquor to linger longer in the mouth. It really is a delightful sensation of a tea.

Taiwan Milk Oolong; Spring, 2019?; var. Jinxuan; Taiwan; leaf & stem, semi-ball rolled; elev. ? – 4g in 150ml at 95deg. C

The aroma of the dry leaves have an immediate apricot pungency. This tends to a peach aroma in the hot water.
The wet leaves are vegetal and buttery, (coconut oil?) with a faint hint of peach.
The tea tastes syrupy, thick, creamy and buttery, with hints of apricots, peach, almond, and a lingering, gentle coconut finish. Very pleasant.