Black Tea, Today's Tea

Feiner Friesen Broken Tee, Schwartzer Tee Nr. 168

I don’t always drink Chinese Tea. I do like to sample around. #todaystea Feiner Friesen Broken Tee, Schwartzer Tee Nr. 168. German, Friesen blend of Assam #blacktea. Use before 2022.

I was always taught, with Assam black teas, measure 1 spoon of tea per person plus 1 for the pot, then steep for 3-5min. No wonder its bloody strong. 🤪 The correct tea ratio is 1 spoon to 146ml water. I now prefer to brew this lighter and faster. 10-15 second infusions with 90-95 degree water.

The dry leaf aroma is typical of almost all commercial loose leaf, unscented Assam teas I’ve previously drunk. Its not fruity, more floral but I can’t nail it down. The wet leaf looses the elusive floral note for more herbal grassy hints. The liquor is a deep copper red and has an immediate tannic bitterness that tapers off to a spicy, peppery mouth feel. The body is thin, and leaves a lingering, perhaps malty, perhaps smokey suggestion.