Who Is Tsc Tempest


I am Tsc Tempest.

“Tsc” is short for, “Temujin Storm Crow,” which IS my legal name. “Tsc” is the legal and authorised short form for my first name, and it features prominently, in ALL my signed, legal documentation.

I am a Generalist, in principle. My training, in my early, informative years involved: writing poetry, playing competition volleyball, flying a Cessna 150 Aerobat, riding trail bikes, bmx, pogo sticks, building computers, programming, coaching springboard diving, camera and darkroom technique, being in the Army Reserve, cleaning cars, cooking and coordinating spit roasts, circus work, housing construction, making pizza; studies in Engineering, Liberal Arts, Secretarial Studies, teaching weekend school sport, organising a Harvest Festival, AND, eventually graduating and working as a Laboratory & Field Technician in the Dairy Research Industry, where I conducted field research, wrote complex spreadsheet macros for Lotus 123, Quatro Pro, & MS Excel, did some personal and in-house Web Development in html, & in custom CMS apps and, carried out some in-house Workplace Assessment & Training. Throughout that time I also dabbled in Community Radio & TV, Line Dancing, and amateur Music Theatre.

I travelled to China, where I worked in Teacher Training, Curriculum Development, designing and building localised, classroom network topologies: both wired and wireless; and, eventually branched into Import Export, with a focus on Chinese Marriage Furniture, and Household Decorations. I worked in Vietnam as a Freelance Photographer with my own studio, and also spent a number of years in Germany as a Househusband, Warehouse Operator and Forklift Driver, Office Assistant, and brewed beer.

I currently reside in Shanghai China, assisting my son, and his mother, where I can and maintain an interest in the textiles manufacturing industry, particularly in the area of sustainability and traceability of viscose fibres made from bamboo cellulose – a very interesting, and challenging field.

I have an avid and passionate interest in Chinese Tea which I hope will blossom into a book about my tea experiences, and have recently started studying, “Full Stack Web Development,” with a view to work as, “Freelance Web Professional” from home, where ever that may be. Although I’m still open to the possibility of going back to Photography. Let’s see.

There is no one else in the world quite like me. I am… “Tsc Tempest.”

Beijing, China