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Feng Huang Ya Shi Xiang Tea. Phoenix Mountain “Duck Shit” Fragrance Tea

#TodaysTea: Spring, 2017; var. yashixiang; Lintou Village, Chaozhou, Guandong; small leaves, no buds, oolong; 1300-1400m

Dry Leaves: scantily pungent, evasive, elusive, taunting hints of wood smoke
Wet Leaves: spicy, long pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, horseradish, fragrant, aromatic
Liquor: buttery/creamy, peppery, mildly astringent, delicate, xmas biscuit, prickly ash
Aroma: elusive, vague, a touch of unripe white peach, late elusive hints of coal tar after drinking.