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Day Fifty Three…

There is a shift in our Lockdown Status, a glimmer of light on the horizon. We are now a designated, “Controlled” Area. This means, “highly recommended,” home isolation with daily self-health assessment.

Some statistics from the last 52 days:

March 8-15 Compound Lockdown (8 Days)

March 16 Community access restored (1 day)

March 17-27 Compound Lockdown (11 Days)

March 28-April 28 Stay-At-Home Quarantine (32 Days)

April 29-who knows when. Controlled Area status. 

Lunch today is crepes with meat sauce; Of course I need to have some tea to pass the day; Children need a moment outside;

The volunteers patrol the streets but in an advisory role; Four older women congregate on a lane corner; A woman and grandchild move around in the laneways;

Volunteers are called to come and receive incoming goods; We are in controlled status, self-health monitoring is in order.