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Day Fifty Two of Lockdown

This morning I get up late, there is not no noise. I look out the window, there is nothing to see, just the planter box and bars;  From the kitchen; I see some volunteers walking in the laneway; A little bit later some old ladies are standing outside… curious that they are able to there for half an hour, out on the corner;

Withdrawing into my apartment,  I discover an old guitar bought in 2006… I’m not even sure I know how to play it anymore 😩 We are called down, a volunteer hands out vials to every 10th person; At the testing table people are efficiently processed and dispatched;

Returning towards my home, a woman with her grandchild wait by the door; In the stairwell, on the fire extinguisher cabinet, rests a bottle of disinfectant for the interior services of the stairwell; As luck would have it,  I got some blueberries, and a handful of chocolate gratis… I’ve put the chocolates on my tea shelf. 😋