Quarantine, Travel, Tsc Tempest Photography

Day Fifty Four…

We are now in a Controlled Quarantine. The compulsory, “Stay At Home” orders are being relaxed and the various, “concierge” services, (“direct to, and from, your door…”) are being wound down.

The last rubbish collection from the entry door, we now have to, separate and sort, our own garbage and dispose of it ourselves; “Everybody Out!” Let’s do another test; Line up and scan the QR Code;

The bright sun affords a chance to dry the laundry quickly; The spray bottle is occasionally deployed into the air; Social distancing is for standing in line, not for walking in the sun;

A husky takes time to be the, “center of affection,” lots of petting for this star; A volunteer scooters past and gives a wave; A sugar glider, another local star, meets the husky, the dog is fascinated.

All in all, a good day in the sun.