Keep Moving Forward… 08.09.10

A tolerance for Artistic Critique

It seems we have lost the knowledge, understanding and tolerance for Artistic Critique.

I’ve been a poet, publicly, an artist photographer, a commercial photographer a brewer of beer and maker of things. And never have I sought nothing more than, “Oooo, that’s nice,” as a critique.
Yet it seems these days, with the internet and forums, etc. that anything more than, “Oooo, thats nice,” is now, becoming more and more, synonymous with troll-like behavior.

Let’s get this straight, a Troll attacks the individual, is insensitive to the feelings and inconsiderate of the thoughts of the person they are attacking, often using a request for critique as a pretext to attack.
Artistic Critique, providing criticism as a feedback mechanism involves addressing specific issues related directly to the artwork offered up for critique. It is carefully worded, and purposefully directed, to things that could be done differently, improved, or otherwise considered in the creation of the work under consideration.

This distinction is what lies at the heart of artistic critique and is the polar opposite of what is troll-like behaviour. However, when given in response to a request, it still requires the asker to grow, at least, a little bit of skin, rather than expect people to get down on their knees to lick and stroke the asker’s ego.

For today, that’s what’s in my
Line of Sight.

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