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25 Years…

Recently, I was backing up my hard disk, upgrading from 500 Gb to 1 Tb, and was marveling at the 34,000+ photos (which is not that much, and not so many are that good either, really) I had on there.
Yet, it just hit me this morning, that it represents 12 years of continuous digital imaging, and many more years before with film.

This got me to thinking about when I first started using digital images, and the answer to this was in 1988, when I became Editor of The Oxalian, a student newspaper for GIAE (the institute was absorbed later, to became Monash Gippsland.) I took the newspaper from manual based cut and paste to a digital format, where images were digitized, edited in Photoshop, and then laid out in Pagemaker.

That was 25 years ago… (where did the time go?)

For today, that’s what’s in my
Line of Sight.