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20th Century Photography

Recently, I forced myself to look at a book. Some encyclopedia of 20th Century Photography, or something like that and I got to thinking as I looked at the sample images, “Hey, I’ve got something like that in my archive of shots…”

So, then the idea pops into my head, why not review all my past work and pull out some images that, I think, have similar themes to compare and/or contrast against the sample pics from this encyclopedia?

That is, use the sample pictures to inspire me to revisit my own past work (not previously, consciously, influenced or inspired by these sample images) and either print them up at a similar size or re-work them a little to give them a new shine, and where I have no similar images, use any sample image that inspires me creatively to produce some new work as a direct result of that inspiration.
I’ve already started making a list, of 15 images, I readily have 8 images that come directly to mind, another five that need to be searched for and found, and 2 images that are something I’d like to shoot. Still more to do, but I’ve at least made a start.

Now, two sides of an A4 page down, and only halfway through the encyclopedia, this is going to take some time. Think I’ll take a rest and start compiling actual images. For the record I shot one photo several days ago when I first started thinking about this project, and today I shot two more. Need to do some editing and such.


I also finally made two perspex/plastic table bases for jewelry, one black and one white – would you believe they only cost 6,00€ in total and I bent the legs in about a minute with a hot air gun , workmate and stainless steel rolling pin?

For today, that’s what’s in my
Line of Sight.