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A Personal Retrospective in Progress.

Soon to come, some new work: a retrospective look at 40 years of personal work, as a survey of Twentieth Century Photography.

Exploring representative samples of Twentieth Century Photography as shown in the Encyclopedia of the same name, I will collate examples of my own work that have either a similar direct subject, treatment or theme, and rework the images for contact printing on a hard substrate.

The retrospective aims to explore in some way, direct and indirect/osmotic influences on my own work over the past 40 years. Many of the images have no direct conscious connection other than coincidence or similar subject matter, while others are a deliberate attempt to either reproduce a similar image, or image treatment.

The images are primarily for personal evaluation and enjoyment and with be Laser Printed on high gloss paper and then contact printed to a plastic/perspex substrate.

This print making process is a small attempt to get back to my roots in photography where Darkroom work was an integral part of the photographic process and essential to the process of sharing images with others.
Of course at some point I will share some of the images and their pseudo-doppelgängers online so you can see what I’ve been working on.

For today, that’s what’s in my
Line of Sight.