Black Tea, Today's Tea

Yúnnán Féngqìng Gǔshù Hóng Chá, 云南凤庆古树红茶, Yunnan Fengqing (Wild) Ancient Tree Black Tea

#TodaysTea – Spring, 2019; var. assamica; Fenqing, Yunnan; leaf and stem, old trees (>100yr) black tea process; 1600-2200m

Infusion: 5g in 150ml for 30sec.@100deg. C;

Dry leaf aroma: apricots, & fruit salad;
Wet leaf aroma: sharp, pungent, hints of rhubarb, cinnamon & fresh tangerine;
Liquor: deep orange colour, with a mild, cooked vegetable aroma, hints of toffee and candy floss;
Mouthfeel: syrupy, thick, mouth coating, freshmint, stimulating, mildly astringent finish;
Taste: black tea, sweet lingering, aftertaste, soft citrus finish, and retronasal hints of stone fruits: prunes, peaches, plums;

Opinion: A pleasant and easy to handle black tea that would easily suit, breakfast, morning, or afternoon tea time comfortably: with or without milk, sweeteners, or a slice of citrus.