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Is Drinking Tea Habit forming?

Many a great Advisor, mentor, executive coach, etc. advise that to learn a new skill, to develop a new pattern, change or develop a new habit, you need to practice that desired skill or change for at least thirty days.

For the last month or so, I have been steadily drinking my way through my collection of teas and so far the count is now 29 different teas, with quite a few still to go. So the question is drinking tea habit forming is as yet unanswered.

I guess my approach to this question is not so much about, is tea addictive, in much the same way that drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking, eating sugar, can be, but more along the lines of doing something, and doing it consistently day after day as a routine.

Those that know me well would say that I’m quite creative, and spontaneous, but whilst I can effectively stick to a routine, it is not where I tend to shine. However, by drinking tea daily, in the manner that I’ve been doing so, taking diligent notes, analysing carefully the tea and how it presents itself in the cup, and then sharing those results through online platforms and social media, I have been not only learning about tea, but also developing skills in online presentation and communication.

Over the time of tasting tea, I have added in addition pieces of information, such as the brewing conditions and some commentary about the experience of drinking the tea. The next step I guess would be to add in some background information and history about each tea but that would be better presented on a website based blog.

So, is Drinking Tea Habit Forming? Yes! Yes it is, IF you do so daily with the same approach, as a meditation, or as a routine, then it can be leveraged to hone existing skills, develop new skills, or reinforce one’s knowledge about an exceptional commodity, and to develop and reinforce a desirable, new, habit.