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Te Ji Gui Hua Wulong Cha, Teji Osmanthus Oolong Tea

#todaystea – Spring, 2018; made with YanXuan Anxi Gaoshan (Tieguanyin) Oolong Tea, and Osmanthus blossoms; 1-2 leaves and stem, light oxidation, oolong process, infused and packaged with osmanthus petals;

Infusion: 3-4g in 150ml for 20sec.@90-95deg. C
Dry leaf aroma: fragrant, floral with undertones of apricot, and licorice;
Wet leaf aroma: buttery; spicy, wood spice, allspice, apricot, slightly subdued;
Liquor: yellow-green colour, aromatic, with floral hints;
Mouthfeel: thick, viscous, syrupy, mild peppery sensation;
Taste: sweet, peppery, spicy, milky;
Opinion: A great entry level tea that contrasts favorably as an alternative to Jasmine (Molihua) Tea. Always enjoyable.