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Ginseng Oolong Tea

#TodaysTea – Spring, 2019; var. Si Ji Chun; 1-2 leaves and stem, combined with licorice root and ginseng, then oolong processed; Nantou, Taiwan; High Mountain Tea.

Infusion: 3.6g in 150ml for 25-55sec.@99-95deg. C – this tea is best brewed as a long cup infusion, rather than gongfu style which is the case here;
Dry leaf aroma: dry, spicy, mildly pro peppery;
Wet leaf aroma: herbal, alfalfa, dissipates as the leaves open up, which are predominantly brown and green in colour;
Liquor: golden colour, with a distant, elusive aroma that hints of ginseng;
Mouthfeel: mildly creamy texture, with peppery sensations, mouth watering;
Taste: ginseng initially, followed by with a licorice finish, sweet aftertaste, and retronasal hints of apricot and alfalfa;

Opinion: Also known as Ren Shen Wulong tea, Kings Tea, or Orchid Beauty (Lan Gui Ren) Initially, this tea starts out stiff and forms, like a Chinese Emperor’s portrait painting. As the leaves open up, after 4-5 infusions, a few more taste elements come through. The formality subsides into an artists party by a stream, with multiple, quiet, conversations occurring all at once. Whilst one hopes for the Oolong to make itself known, like a family gathering, sadly it was not to be.