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Tāng Pǔ Sēn Wú Kā Fēi Yīn Hóng Chá, 汤普森无咖啡因红茶, Thompson’s Decaf Tea

Spring 2020, blended and packaged February 2021;C. sinensis var. assamica, Second Flush; possibly from Borengajuli, Hajua, Bukhial Tea Estates, Assam, India, blended and packaged in Belfast, Ireland; 90-120m, second flush pekoe fannings(?) CTC black tea process, CO2 decaffeination(?) 2g of tea dust in 0.6g paper teabag; #TodaysTea, #今天的茶, #JīnTiāndeChá, #Tea, #茶, #Chá.

The dry leaves smell mildly dusty with a hint of sweet apple while when wet they have a stewed vegetal aroma.

Single infusion of 2g in 180ml for 15-20sec. @100°C. The tea liquor has a rich copper colour with a golden meniscus tinge, and almost no noticeable aroma with an ever so slight hint of biscuit.

It has a moderate to watery viscosity, astringent, coupled with late tingling sensations on the tongue. The taste is slightly woody, with a dry earthy pepperiness, a hint of nuttiness, and a notable but not unpleasant tannic note.

Opinion:  This tea is described as a Decaf Blend which has succeeded in retaining it’s taste and flavour, despite the decaffeination process. It was apparently awarded, ‘Two Gold Stars’ in 2018 by the Guild of Fine Foods for its taste. This is not a tea for quiet contemplation. Rather, it is  probably best described as elegantly robust and suited for Afternoon Tea in a bright and busy environment where the focus is not the tea, per se. It neither assails with its character nor inspires, rather it is discretely supportive and understated in it, “Yes, I’m still here, and I’m here for you.”