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Dobin Mushi

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When I first came to Shanghai in 2003, Gintai Teppanyaki was an all you could eat and drink Teppanyaki Bar just off Nanjing West Road in Jing’an. After a while a couple of sub branches opened up due to its popularity and value for money. So good was the value that in 2004 they increased the price and introduced a food waste tax of 20% if you didn’t eat all that you ordered – Brilliant move, I still support the idea to this day.

One of my all time favourite dishes to order was Matsutaki Dobin Mushi. I couldn’t get enough of it. At first I didn’t know you were supposed to also eat the ingredients inside the pot. 

But I learned along the way, and now I have my own ready to make Dobin Mushi Soup kits.

The kit consists of freeze dried Matsutaki, with scallop, prawns, carrots, coriander and parsley (the combo is supposed to resemble the Japanese herb, Mitsuba) in a vacuum packed freezer storage bag; a spice bag containing equal amounts by weight of Kombu seaweed and Bonito Flakes; and a wet sachet of Sake and Light Soy Sauce: to be added to 250ml of water.

Defrost the frozen ingredients; Boil the water; add the spice bag and simmer for 5-10 min; remove the spice bag but don’t squeeze it; add the frozen ingredients except the herbs, and simmer of 5 min; place the hers and the wet sachet into a warmed tea kettle; when the seafood is ready, add to the pot and top up with the stock. Serve, ideally, with a wedge of your citrus of choice, yuzu is recommended.

If not serving with other dishes, consider accompanying it with pure Matcha Green Tea. (but not that sugary sweetened muck I reviewed a short while ago.) 

There you have it, Dobin Mushi for One! Enjoy.