Green Tea, Matcha, Today's Tea

Què Cháo Gōng Sī Qū Pǐn De Xīng Bā Kè Mǒ Chá Ná Tiě, 雀巢公司出品的星巴克抹茶拿铁, Starbucks Matcha Latte by Nestlé Dolce Gusto

late Spring 2022; C. sinensis var. (unknown); (Possibly from) Aiya Co. Nishio, Aichi, or Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan &/or China; Processed in Vietnam; #TodaysTea, #今天的茶, #JīnTiāndeChá, #Tea, #茶, #Chá.

Two capsules (m non-dairy creamer, and tea powder blend) were pressure infused with 80ml water per capsule at 70-80 C.

The flavour of the Matcha is lost, in the milk and the sugar which dominates the drink. The mouthfeel is sticky and cloying, underpinned by a powdery sensation from the Tea.

Not a fan, not by any tick of the clock. (Tickety-tock!)