Black Tea, Today's Tea

Háo Yá A Hóng Chá, 毫芽A红茶, Haoya A Keemun Black Tea;

Spring, 2020; var. zhuyezhong; Qimen, Huangshan, Anhui; bud & 1 leaf,, congou black tea process; 600m.
Infusion: 4g in 330ml for 2-5min.@90deg. C

Dry Leaf Aroma: dried tangerine peel, dried plum, raisins, a hint of malt;
Wet Leaf Aroma: sharp, aromatic, hint of orchid, and chrysanthemum stems;
Liquor: brown-red colour with a mild aroma
Mouthfeel: creamy, moderately viscous, astringent, tannic, with a fresh, lingering and tingling aftertaste;
Taste: strong, mildly floral, mildly sweet, with an undertone of minerality.

Opinion: This is a strong robust tea, with a distinct, characteristically, “Black Tea” taste without the strong spicy-floral notes of some other astringency-forward black teas.

***This tea was provided by the Anhui Keemun Black Tea Development Co. Jenny Jiang