Scented Tea, Today's Tea

Flower Tea for “Real” Men!

For a long time I have had a dim view of flower scented teas, yet it was a flower scented tea that introduced me to the world of tea, beyond good ol’ Aussie Black Tea: that tea was Jasmine scented green tea as served at our local Chinese Food Restaurant.

Recently, in response to a request from a beer brewer, I was asked to recommend a tea for a Hopped Tea experiment that they were doing. Can you believe, I’ve been brewing beer since 2008, and whilst I intellectually knew that hops were the flowers of Humulus lupulus, it never once occurred to me to use them to flavour tea.

With recent trends in America, to market #HopTea as a summertime quencher, it makes sense to explore further the possibilities and interactions of hops and tea both as one to one fusions, in the same vein as Jasmine Green Tea, or Osmanthus Oolong Tea, as well as blends of both #hops and teas, to create new #beverage possibilities.

Presently, I am trying to answer some thorny questions by blending different teas, and various hops, to reproduce specific and known flavours in beer, but as a #nonalcoholic, carbonated beverage.

Enjoy the video, this is my first fully targeted blend: #GreenTea#OolongTea, and #DianhongTea combined with #Ahtanum#Cascade, and #Mosaic Hops.

Why am I pouring the tea back in the bottle? To look at that glorious colour in the light!

#Today’sTea, #今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.