Dark Tea, Today's Tea

Gǔ Huā Xiāng Yún Nán Shēng Pú’èr Chá, 谷花香云南生普洱茶, “Fragrance of Autumn” Yunnan Raw Pu’er Tea

#TodaysTea#今天的茶 – Autumn, 2006; var. big leaf; Mengku Rongshi Tea Co., Mengkuhe Village, Shuangjiang Autonomous County, Lincang, Yunnan; wild arbor leaves only, #rawpu’er process, aged pressed cake;

Infusion: 5g in 150ml gor 30-90sec.@95deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: woody, earthy, faint hints of sweet spice;
Wet leaf aroma: damp forest, fresh mushrooms;
Liquor: pale golden colour, with a spicy, cinnamon-like aroma;
Mouthfeel/Taste: better easing to sweet, fresh, stimulating, astringent, moderately viscous, metallic minerality, salivating;
Flavour: longan, tannic, black walnuts, vague hint of tamarind sourness in the finish, and a mild, late, lingering suggestion of licorice in the aftertaste;

Opinion: An earthy, complex Tea with pronounced minerality, and lingering presence.