Silver Needle, Today's Tea, White Tea

Gāo Shān Bái Háo Yín Zhēn Chá, 高山白毫银针, High Mountain White Silver Needle Tea

#TodaysTea – 2018, Spring; var. Fúdǐng Dàháo; Fuding, Guanyang, Fujian; 1 leaf & bud, white tea process;

Dry leaf aroma: earthy, biscuit like;
Wet leaf aroma: mildly acrid;
Liquor: very pale yellow to white pear color, with no noticeable aroma;
Mouthfeel: creamy, milky texture, slightly thin, hints of pepper, with a noticeable dry throat sensation;
Taste is earthy with hints of the dry leaf aroma.