Aged White, Today's Tea, White Tea

Gaoshan Gongmei LaobaiCha, High Mountain Tribute Eyebrow Old White Tea

#TodaysTea; 2017, Autumn; var. Dabai; #Fuding, Fujian; bud & 2-3 leaves, white tea processed, aged, loose leaf;

Dry leaf aroma: floral, fruity, fragrant, apricots, and orange blossom;
Wet leaf aroma: mild, earthy, damp forest floor, pleasant;
Liquor: Golden Amber colour with a cooked vegetable aroma with hints of malt/honey;
Mouthfeel: creamy, vicious, tingling on the tongue, no throat sensations, all top of the tongue;
Taste: sweet, lingering, fresh and peppery like mint or menthol.