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Day Thirty Eight of Lockdown

Today we were informed that multiple apartments had inconclusive PCR tests from yesterday. The CDC had been called in and we’ve been asked to do PCR again. Over a hundred residents committed to a petition to request that tests be done, door to door, rather than go outside to a central location. The stench of fear runs rife throughout the community.

It’s a worrisome thing, the spread of fear amongst the residents; We are called to line up, again; Some other residents trigger a Volunteer intervention response;

The nurses processes my test; The next building block over prepares to do their test; I couldn’t give the onions away, so I cooked them down and caramelized them;

A poolish in the making, for the next batch of bread, at least my yeast is still active; Waiting for a delivery, it is recommended to use alcohol for sterilizing… ok! My tonsils need a workout; Arrived! 25 kg of bread flour and some new dried yeast.