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Day Ten, Month Three

We are still confined to quarters, except for a few hours each day, the same hours each day. [敲打]

Put the kettle to heat the water; Toby 头哔, is so happy to be outside, he doesn’t understand the edicts of the committee… come to think of it, I’m not sure I do either; An ex-hairdresser helps out some residents by cutting and styling hair;

The government, “Love Parcels” were full of spicy green chilies, so many that they root if not used quickly enough… I dehydrated them instead, so they’ll keep longer; Time to refill the tea table water bottle; I soooo needed this… smoked steak and chips;

Morning and Afternoon, twice a day we are required, still, to self-test and announce the result… My thoughts? “Up your nose, mate!”