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Day Eleven, Month Three

We are half way through a five day curfew, they claimed that in the next two days we will do some PCR testing and on the basis of that they will then decide whether to open up this area or not. 

In the meantime, we continue to be allowed out within a designated, six hour block, each day, either morning, or evening, in a staggered arrangement, but then we have also been advised that we should, “stay at home,” and go out only when necessary.

It’s early morning, for me, and a volunteer walks past; Unlike the late afternoon, the street is almost empty; Another volunteer walks by; 

A Baoan does his own thing, it’s ok, some of us are allowed out at this time; The right hand gallery of the South Gate Rotunda; It’s now Afternoon, as I walk Toby, a cyclist goes by; 

Some residents pick up a parcel; A resident tents his garden of lettuces; Another Group Order comes in… Bananas! Who ordered bananas?