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Day Six, Month Three

I have always said, “Boredom is the sign of an infertile mind.” Mine feels as though it has not only been barren for a season, but it’s desertified as well.

The bars on the windows are to stop people getting in; Express volunteers call out to the top floor; The delivery made, a volunteer stays to ensure the owner comes to collect it;

Sorting my spices, someone needed cinnamon; It’s time for tea, some random Oolong from off the tea shelf; I offered apples for feeding some sugar gliders… looks like these are destined for the cider tank afterall;

This enforced confinement is hard on pets, as well as people; “Mop and Bucket” – you know why is here; My Penguin Kitchen Timer has traveled the world with me, and still fulfills its task in the kitchen… I guess then it was about time I gave it a clean, ‘ay?