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Day Five, Month Three

The Silence Period is completed. We should be allowed out, right? Wrong! 

We do PCR Tests again and another notification came, tomorrow we begin the Sprint Period, another three days in home detention, before the next notification. 

The day after tomorrow, and the day after that, new food parcels from the government will be delivered. That suggests, to me, that we’ll be confined to quarters far longer than three more days.

I have some apples, the neighbours have offered me nine more – apple cider to be made; The call goes out in the neighbourhood; The nurses man their station;

A volunteer holds a bottle of disinfectant; The line today is longer than normal; A volunteer holds a megaphone to call us from the building;

Another view of the testing station in a different location; They call this a mobile testing station… this is why; The right hand gallery of the South Gate Rotunda, is empty these days.