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Day Forty Three of Lockdown

Easter Monday. This morning I took a delivery of some cabbage from a neighbor,  I got one extra cabbage more than what I expected, you little rippa! This long, thin one is going into cabbage bread; Deliveries continue and this time there is some purchases taking place…the car is full of toilet paper; A surprise delivery – a third care package has arrived;

Opening the box; Vegetables, some processed sausages, toiletries, and some staples… I’m looking forward to those; We are antigen testing again;

The  whitesuit volunteers scan our QR codes and every 10th person gets a vial to give to the medical staff at the table; The boxes from the surprise delivery are worth money, and are recycled; This time we are directed to walk around the building to return back to our door… I found the flower in the car park during my walk back home.

Sigh… It’s Tuesday… 🤦🏼‍♂️