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Day Forty Seven of Lockdown

The weather has turned, it’s raining and cold. The damp air chills my bones: This morning, it rains non-stop and puddles form; We are testing today at centralized locations, because the rain interferes with mobile testing;

A stray cat stops for a scratch, it cares nothing for my presence; A volunteer takes a moment to pause; It’s Janine’s birthday on the 25th, and it has taken a week to organize sending her presents less than a kilometer to her;

Rhubarb and Apple Cider finally into the bottle, I’ll be drinking it soon; A neighbor needed a monitor, his eyes too challenged by the small screen, I had one to spare; I’d so love for this to be jiaozi: pork, cabbage, and flour… a neighbor has offered to make some for me…

what a lovely community.