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Day Forty Eight of Lockdown

This morning the cart comes… we have another delivery, what is it this time? The bag on my door fell to the floor, the adhesive hook is lost, inside the bag is a box of 10 tests; This new series of tests includes QR codes;

A surprise inclusion in the test kit is a little test tube holder made out of cardboard; Looking out the window a neighbour does some exercise in their ground floor garden; It’s a slow day, and some people mentioned that they’re looking for cleaning products and toothpaste… I have toothpaste for anyone who wants it;

I look at my tea shelf and think I need to re-organize it…  this is got too far out of hand; Fantastic surprise! I had pork and cabbage and flour and a good neighbour said they can turn it into dumplings for me… I have received them and I am so happy; Downstairs the deliveries continue, there doesn’t appear to be any, “event horizon,” to this lockdown… not at this stage.