Dancong, Oolong Tea, Today's Tea

Yǒu Jī Sòng Zhǒng Fèng Huáng Dān Cóng Chá, 有机宋种凤凰单丛茶, Organic Song Zhong Feng Huang Dancong Tea

C. sinensis var. song zhong; Wudong, Chaozhou, Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, 600m-1200m; Spring, 2021, young leaf, semi-oxidized oolong. #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#Tea#茶#Chá.

The dry leaves are long, twisted, dark brown to black leaves with a woody, spicy aroma underpinned by dark stone fruit, and shortbread biscuit. The wet leaves are a dull green colour with reddish-brown edging and an aromatic, spicy scent with floral, and fresh baked bread notes.

4g of dry leaves were infused in 150ml of water for 30-60sec.@95-100deg. C. The brewed tea liquor has a brassy, gold colour with a mild, spicy aroma. In the mouth the brewed tea liquor has a sticky mouth-coating viscosity, was tongue tingling, and a lingering sweetness. The taste is floral, suggestive of orchid, and old rose, with a honey-ish finish, and baked nutty retronasal hints.