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Water Quality and Tea

When it comes to Water, my views on the, “Evil Empire” are well and truly known. This leaves the questions: Are there any local options, and what are they? Further when it comes to tea, the quality of the water can significantly impact the flavour of the brewed tea, and its appearance, especially with black teas.

The three main local options, here in Shanghai, are Nongfu Spring, Ganten, and C’estbon. As of this year, Yili Danone has also entered the market. Then of course, if youcan afford the installation or very expensive (price/Litre processed) of countertop alternatives, there is RO and other Filtered Water.

Of the top three, Nongfu is Surface Water, Ganten is underground water, and C’estbon is Treated water. Of the 4 brands mentioned, it appears that Ganten is the only organisation that doesn’t market 19L water barrels. The phen you drink your tea, take a moment to consider the quality (and ethics) behind the water you use.

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