Black Tea, Today's Tea

Vahdam Tea Darjeeling Spring Black Tea, 大吉岭泉红茶, Dà Jí Lǐng Quán Hóng Chá

#VahdamTea, #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: Steep for 2min in hot copper pot.

Opinion: Teabags! For several years all I’ve heard is that, “Tea Bag Tea” is bad tea because it’s alleged that the paper bag contents are tea dust and floor scrapings. Not a pleasant image.

Yet, over that time, various companies have tried to gussey-up their bags with cotton, silk, and nylon, changing the shape in different ways, even pyramid shaped!

The issue however, is not the bags per se but the contents. It always has been. Today, I find the argument against Tea Bag tea to somewhat loose its power as the contents have vastly improved especially with whole leaf teas.

IF Tea bags are still an issue? THEN they are so, for environmental reasons. Being made from nylon, one must consider what happens to the waste bags after consumption?

With millions in the making, and their small size, what stops them getting into the environment and our water and sea ways? What stops them becoming micro plastics and fish contaminants?

The shape of the pyramid Tea Bag is great and it does facilitate good brewing of whole leaf tea, but perhaps manufacturers and the tea industry needs to revisit the waste management side of the equation?