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Transparency and Fluidity of Information in the Tea Supply Chain

Wow, I’ve been going back through my postings on tea to the the first post. There have been many, since late May last year. It’s been more than a scant year now of postings, and there is a clear evolution in vision and clarity in my posts.

They have also become longer, but I believe this is for the better. Information is critical for understanding the tea we drink, and still to this day, it is “hard” to get clear, accurate, verifiable, and trustworthy information about the teas we drink. There is a serious disconnect, between farmers, developers, sellers, wholesalers, and end-user customers. This should not be.

In many industries, customers are demanding transparency throughout the supply chain, why is it so difficult to get the same transparency in the supply of whole leaf, forrest or farm grown teas? It makes me cry at night in my sleep… sometimes.