Black Tea, Today's Tea

Tiān Mù Hú Hóng Chá, 天目湖红茶, Tian Mu Lake Black Tea; Spring (Guyu)

#TodaysTea – #Tianmuhu – 2019; var. tianmuhu baicha; Liyang, Changzhou, Jiangsu; buds only, semi-fermented; 250-350m

Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 20sec.@85-90deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: citrus, cardamom, cocoa nibs;
Wet leaf aroma: dank, earthy, spicy,& a hint of lavender
Liquor: golden yellow colour, mildly vegetal and vaguely malty aroma;
Mouthfeel: creamy, viscous, prickly throat bite, mildly spicy, with alight sweet finish;
Taste: chocolate and cocoa, honey-like semi-sweetness, chrysanthemum stems and marigold petals, woody, dusty like roasted coffee, lingering spicy aftertaste;

Opinion: This Tea is quite rare. The leaves are the same as those used to make #Tianmu Hu White Tea, and they are picked pre-rain in Spring, from around the #Nanshan Bamboo Sea area. The tea is variously described as being either semi or fully fermented. All in all, it is a very pleasant, easy drinking tea.