Dark Tea, Today's Tea

Shú Pū Wǔ Jī, 熟普五级, 5th Grade Shu Pu’er Tea

Autumn, 2020; var. Camelia sinensis (blended sub-varietals); (Lucy Wang YNteas Agri Tech Co., Ltd.) Menglian, Yunnan; bud and 1-2 leaves, EU Organic, Pu’er Wo Dui process; 1400-1800m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 40-60sec.@100deg. C;

Dry Leaf Aroma: musty, damp, compost;
Wet Leaf Aroma: damp, wet, muddy;
Liquor: deep amber color with faint red-pink tongue & slight wet forest floor aroma;
Mouthfeel: viscous with a watery finish, minerally, dusty, tingling, biting, slight sweet and fresh finish;
Taste: earthy, slight retronasal hints of camphor, mildly sweet;

Opinion: This is the third of a set of pu’er teas that differ only by tea grade. This particular tea has a closer profile to the 1st Grade tea and is a little more funky compared to the 3rd grade tea.

These three teas have really challenged my views about tea and my rationale for drinking particular styles of tea. Clearly, I am still a Tea Newbie and need to spend much more time sampling Pu’er teas to get to know and appreciate their challenging aromas and flavors. Don’t get me wrong though, I have enjoyed drinking them.