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Shí Hào Bái Chá, 十号白茶, #10 White Tea

C. sinensis var. blended sub-varietals; Agri Tech Co., Menglian, Yunnan, 1400-1800m; Autumn, 2020, EU Organic, bud and 1-2 leaves, White tea process; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#Tea#茶#Chá.

Pale to dark brown, loose, dry leaves with silvery grey buds, and aroma that is spicy, with hints of ginger, cinnamon, dried citrus, dried apricot, and an undertone hint of molasses. The leaves change to a sage green, and brown colour when wet, and have a slightly acrid, sharp aroma, with spicy hints of liquorice, galangal, and loquat.

3g of dry leaf was steeped in 150ml of water for 20-30sec@85deg. C. The brewed tea liquor is a pale, yellow-amber in colour, with a faint, honey and slightly soapy, scent. in the mouth it feels thick, creamy, mildly stimulating, with pleasant bitterness, fresh feel, and a watery, drooling finish, whilst it tastes spicy, like ginger, and pomelo peel, with a pleasant honey sweetness.