Black Tea, Today's Tea

Què Shé Jīn Yá Hóng Chá, 雀舌金芽 红茶, Golden Buds of Sparrow’s Tongue Black Tea

#TodaysTea – Spring, 2020; var. Assamica; Lincang, Fengqing, Yunnan; buds only, sun baked, hand processed; 1600-1900m

Infusion: 3g in 150ml for 40-50sec.@95-100deg. C
Dry leaf aroma: malt, cocoa, dried tropical fruits, raisins, & dates;
Wet leaf aroma: vitabrits, wheatbix, and honey;
Liquor: bright, deep golden amber colour, with a mild, sweet, spicy vegetal aroma;
Mouthfeel/Taste: creamy/oily, sweet, slightly prickly;
Flavour: warm, sweet breakfast cereal, grainy, with hints of chocolate;

Opinion: An alluring and enjoyable Tea. From the excitement of the dry leaf aroma, to the mystery in the cup, this tea is a rollercoaster of surprise.