Black Tea, Today's Tea

New English Teas – London Tea, 伦敦红茶, Lún Dūn Hóng Chá

#TodaysTea#今天的茶, Jīn Tiān De Chá.

Infusion: “One tsp per person and one for the pot!” In 150-200ml for 2+ min.@100deg. C

Liquor: deep red colour with a mild, buttery, peppery, aroma;
Mouthfeel/Taste: mildly viscous, astringent, prickling, and vaguely oily;
Flavour: stark and robust, tannic, suggestions of grapefruit or bitter orange peel; very late onset of a mild sweetness.

Opinion: This #Tea is sharp, strong, assertive. Perfect as a pick me up for the 4:00 o’clock slump. A couple of quick cups of this and you’ll know what’s what.

It is hard however, to get to understand a Tea when there is a dearth of information about it. Nor does it make it comfortably possible to compare and contrast it with other teas in the company’s stable. I would consider it to be more characteristic of a breakfast tea rather than an afternoon tea.

Yet, contacting the company, this “London Blend” is apparently similar to their English Afternoon Blend ???

This suggests its details are something like this: Summer 2019; var. Assamica; Western Hills, Sri Lanka; Ceylon Broken Pekoe, CTC BP1, black tea process; >1200m.

I wonder what the differences actually are? #EnglishAfternoon and #LondonTea, are vastly different teas, at least in my cups.