Black Tea, Today's Tea

New English Tea – EnglishBreakfast Tea, 英式早餐茶, Yīng Shì Zǎo Cān Chá

#TodaysTea#今天的茶, Summer 2019; var. Assamica; Western Hills, Sri Lanka; #Ceylon Broken Pekoe, #CTC BP1, black tea process; >1200m.

Infusion: “One tsp per person and one for the pot!” In 150-200ml for 2+ min.@100deg. C

Opinion: Astringent, bitter/tart like Seville Orange marmalade, and Grapefruit, mildly viscous and drying. Robust. Adding a pinch of salt, brings out herbal and woody retronasal hints.

My mum taught me how to brew tea but it was my grand mother that has the greater influence on preparation and consumption. The tea infusion rhyme came, via mum, from her, and possibly from her parents and grandparents as well.