Black Tea, Today's Tea

New English Tea – English Afternoon Tea, 英式下午茶, Yīng Shì Xià Wǔ Chá

#TodaysTea#今天的茶, Summer 2019; var. Assamica; Western Hills, Sri Lanka; #Ceylon Broken Pekoe, #CTC BP1, black tea process; >1200m.

Infusion: “One tsp per person and one for the pot!” In 150-200ml for 2+ min.@100deg. C

Opinion: When my grandmother died, her #Samovar passed to me, along with a particular way of drinking tea. Black tea, In today’s case, #EnglishAfternoonTea, would be brewed strong and then served in small, dainty, porcelain tea cups. She always has a, “gift” set of tiny jam jars and 1/4 tsp teaspoons for dipping out your jam of choice. You see, the tea was diluted to taste with hot water, and sweetened with jam, thus balancing the strong tannic astringency with any of the jams, conserves, or marmalades that were on hand.