Green Tea, Today's Tea

Nanjing Yuhua Rain Flower Green Tea

#TodaysTea: Spring, 2017; var. ; Yu Hua Tai, Rain Flower Terrace, #Nanjing, Jiangsu; 1 bud 1 leaf, manual processing into pine needle shape; Tea Gift or Tribute Tea.

The aroma of the wet leaves is mild, green-ish, like a florist shop. The aroma of the liquor is delicate, almost unnoticeable. The taste is pleasant, light, fresh, with a syrupy mouthfeel, and slightly astringent finish, with a semi-sweet, almost fennel like after taste.

This is a special tea. Specific to Nanjing where the CCP in 1950, allowed the residents of Nanjing to make this tea as a memorial to those that died in the #Nanjingmassacre. It was originally reserved as a #tribute Tea for gifting to high level officials and company leaders. Today it is a little more readily accessible.