Green Tea, Today's Tea

Míng Tiān Mū Hú Bài Chá Lǜ Chá, 名天目湖白茶(绿茶), Famous Tinamu Lake White Tea (#GreenTea)

#TodaysTea#今天的茶 – 2020; var. tianmuhu baicha; Nanshan shoumei, buds only, green tea process; 250-350m.

Infusion: a good pinch in 100ml for 15sec.@85deg. C

Dry leaf aroma: tropical fruits, pineapple, banana, apricot, eggy;
Wet leaf aroma: vegetal, broad beans hint of orange zest;
Liquor: pale yellow liquor,
Mouthfeel/Taste: medium thickness, light, sweet lingering freshness, and mild, lingering astringency;
Flavour: floral, light, slightly fruity with a late bitter melon finish;

Opinion: A nice, fresh easy drinking tea. The leaf colour is excellent. This Tea comes from around the Nanchang Bamboo Forest area, near the Tianmu Lake region, and is called, “white tea” because of the tea tree varietal.