Black Tea, Today's Tea

Méi Zhàn Jīn Jùn Mèi, 梅占金骏眉, Mei Zhan Golden Eyebrow Black Tea

Spring 2020; various cultivars; (Hydron Gao Tonglin Tea) Nanping, Fujian; bud only; elev. unknown;

Infusion: 4g in 180-200ml for 20-30sec.@100deg. C;

Dry Leaf Aroma: rose, lychee, hint of soft citrus;
Wet Leaf Aroma: slightly acrid like cold fire place, slightly floral, slightly sweet;
Liquor: pale amber with a slightly vegetal presence;
Mouthfeel: thick, creamy, viscous, tongue tingling, metallic;
Taste: buttery, pear, melon, some honey notes, hint of breadiness;

Opinion: Compared to yesterday’s tea, this couldn’t be more different, colour, flavour, aroma, texture; is like chalk and cheese. On first impressions, this tea kinda reminds me of Turkish Delight. It is quite noticeably floral but subtle. It has body and understated elegance. It is indulgent, like a full body oil massage, under the shade, in the mountains, on a warm Spring afternoon. In essence, it is a rather contemplative tea.