Dancong, Oolong Tea, Today's Tea

Lǜ Sì Shí Pǐn (Lán Huā Xiāng) Fèng Huáng Dān Cóng Chá, 绿色食品(兰花香)凤凰单丛茶, Green Food (Orchid Fragrance) Feng Huang Dancong Tea

C. sinensis “unkonwn hybrid” Chaozhou, Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong,Spring, 2021; 600m-1200m, young leaf, semi-oxidized oolong; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#Tea#茶#Chá.

The dry leaves are long, twisted, dark-brown to black in colour and have a pungent, sharp aroma, suggestive of spiced biscuit, and peaches, with floral, and meaty highlights. The wet leaves are kind of spongy with a stemmy resistance, green to red-brown in colour, and have an aromatic scent, suggesting nutmeg/mace, dried orange peel, and really surprisingly cooked Spam or sweet bacon.

4g of dry leaf was infused in 150ml water for 30-35sec.@90-95deg. C. The brewed tea liquor is a bright light brown colour, with a nutty, honey and peach aroma. In the mouth it is relatively thin to moderately viscous, fresh, stimulating, mildly biting, and mildly astringent, whilst the taste is suggestive of mace, honey, slightly medicinal, earthy, mineral-like, with retronasal orchid, and v. late fruity peach notes, accompanied by a lingering sweet, fresh, and floral bitterness.

*** Tea provided by Jiyunxiang Tea Co.