Green Tea, Today's Tea

Lù Ān Guā Piàn Dā Chá, 六安瓜片大茶, Melon Seed Big (leaf) Tea

C. sinensis var. lao cong; Baoer Shan, Anhui Province, 660~880m; Early Summer, May, 2021, mature single leaf, shade wilted, wok roasted, basket baked;


The dry leaves appear to be thin, twisted, and thyme green to black in colour, and has an aroma that is malty, with caramel, honey biscuit, sweet, and toasted chestnut notes. The wet leaves open up to reveal “pumpkin/melon seed shaped leaves with a bright yellowish-green colour, and have a duck egg, hempish? resinous, subtly sharp, and woody spice scent.

2-3g (2 tsp) of dry leaves were infused in 180ml of water for 15-30sec. @75-85deg. C. The brewed tea liquor is a pale, bright, crystal clear, yellow colour with a vague barely discernible aroma. In the mouth it is crisp, stimulating, creamy, and viscous, with fresh and sweet finish, the taste is mildly biscuity, with milky, honey & malt biscuit notes.

My instant reaction to this tea was, “Oh! That is so nice.” It has a delightful, long lingering, pleasant, & satisfying aftertaste (huígān, 回甘).