Green Tea, Today's Tea

Longjing Dragon Well Green Tea

#todaystea – Spring, 2019; var. ; Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province; one bud and leaf, green tea process;

Infusion: 3g in 180ml for 20 sec@85 deg. C
Dry Leaf Aroma: aromatic, fragrant, cotton candy, eggy;
Wet Leaf Aroma: vegetal, overcooked green beans;
Liquor: Pale yellow color, mild vegetal, and faint scrambled egg aroma;
Mouthfeel: luscious, creamy, viscous, and mild peppery tingle, with a lingering slightly astringency;
Taste: subtle vegetal hints with a slow to arise lingering sweetness, & perhaps some retronasal hints of orchid.