Green Tea, Today's Tea

Lóng Jǐng Lǜ Chá, 龙井绿茶, Dragon Well Green Tea

Lóng Jǐng Lǜ Chá, 龙井绿茶, Dragon Well Green Tea; Spring, 2020; var. #43; Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province; one bud and leaf, green tea process; 200-300m; #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá.

Infusion: 6g tea, 50ml hot water flashed, topped up with 550ml chilled, #NongfuSpring water and steeped overnight in the refrigerator, then carbonated with a #sodastream device;

Dry Leaf Aroma: aromatic, fragrant, cotton candy, eggy;
Wet Leaf Aroma: vegetal, grassy, buttery;
Liquor: pale yellow colour with mildly spicy, peppery and floral aroma;
Mouthfeel: light, thin texture, mildly carbonated, mouthwatering
Taste: light, refreshing, pleasant.

Opinion: Summer is here and I’m looking for something different. I’m looking to see how brewing method changes the character of a tea, its flavour and body. I’m also looking to see how carbonation impacts taste and mouthfeel. This tea is floral on the nose with every sip, but carbonation seems to overly thin the texture.