Green Tea, Today's Tea

Lóng Jǐng Lǜ Chá, 龙井绿茶, Dragon Well Green Tea

C. sinensis var. unknown; Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, 200m?; Spring, 2020, one bud and leaf, green tea process. #TodaysTea#今天的茶#JīnTiāndeChá#Tea#茶#Chá.

The dried leaves are a yellowy-green colour, flat and brittle, with an aromatic, fragrant, cotton candy, somewhat eggy aroma.
The wet leaves are uniformly yellowing-green with a vegetal, overcooked green beans aroma.

3g of dry leaf was infused in 150ml of water for 20 sec@80-85 deg. C., and the brewed tea liquor was a pale yellow, mostly clear color, with a mild vegetal, and faint scrambled egg scent. In the mouth it is luscious, creamy, viscous, with mild peppery tingle, and a lingering, slight astringency whilst the taste is subtly vegetal, with hints of a slow to arise lingering sweetness with late floral notes.